Julie set to attend the MARQUES Annual Meeting in Berlin

We are pleased to announce that Julie will be attending the MARQUES Annual Meeting in Berlin from 19th to 22nd September. This prestigious event brings together brand owners and legal practitioners from around the world to exchange knowledge and insights.

The MARQUES (the European association representing the interests of brand owners) Annual Meeting is an influential gathering that focuses on the challenges and opportunities in trade mark law from the perspective of brand owners. Taking place in Berlin this year, the event provides a platform for professionals to engage in workshops, panel discussions, and keynote presentations. It is a hub for the latest developments in the legal world.

Julie's participation in the MARQUES Annual Meeting further underscores her dedication to professional development in trademark law. She is now a member of the European Trade Mark Law and Practice Team, highlighting her expertise in the field. By attending such events, Julie ensures that she stays abreast of the latest industry trends and can offer clients innovative legal solutions.

We look forward to Julie's attendance at the MARQUES Annual Meeting and the knowledge she will bring back to enhance the services provided by Umami Law.


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Julie set to attend the MARQUES Annual Meeting in Berlin

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