IP law and beyond


Umami is a modern and dynamic law firm where we guide small and medium companies through the creation, registration and enforcement of their IP assets.

Project Umami started a few years ago. The idea was to launch a firm where originality, legal tech and out of the box thinking are not forbidden words. Where we can spend the time to listen to clients without the pressure of a 6-minute billing system. Where lawyers can work wherever the client is and not only at a desk in an office.

The name was very easy to find : Julie’s passion for cooking made a gastronomic word a natural choice. Umami is one of the five tastes which is noticeable in Parmesan cheese, oven-roasted tomatoes or soy sauce. Simply put, umami makes things delicious. At Umami we want to bring that extra touch to your business which makes the creation and the enforcement of your IP assets a smooth process.

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